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Dak Prescott Apparently Wants Out Of The Dallas Cowboys!

Dak Prescott
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Dak Prescott Wants Out Of The Dallas Cowboys!:Β Dak Prescott, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, apparently wants out of the team. After the former NFL scout and Cowboys coach, Bryan Broaddus’s interesting report, he revealed that there’s a chance that Prescott wants to leave the team.

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Nonetheless, there are no confirmations about this statement as of now. So, let us get into the details of this controversy.

Dak Wants Out!

Not a long ago, on Bryan Broaddus’ radio for the ‘105.3 The Fan’ told that Prescott wants to move on after ‘being hurt by the front office.’ On July 15th, the officials locked Dak Prescott into the $31.4 million franchise tag he signed with Dallas Cowboys.

Dak Prescott in the frame

However, recently, Prescott said:

“I am looking forward to working along Coach McCarthy, the staff, and my teammates to be the best team we can be in pursuit of our new goal of the super bowl.”

However, it seems like it could be somewhat related to the money too. Broaddus reported that the ‘unnamed’ Cowboys coach shared that Dak was disappointed that Jason Garrett got relieved off his job. Some reports even suggest that Dak wanted a four-year contract, while Dallas wanted to lock him for a five-year contract.

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Can’t Agree On A Long Term Deal

For weeks, we thought that the Cowboys might sign Prescott for a long-term deal. However, the deadline came and went, but no deal got signed. However, according to Jane Slater, NFL’s Network, the Cowboys reportedly offered Prescott a five-year extension.

The annual price was in the $33-$35 million range with over $100 million guaranteed. But, Prescott wanted a four-year deal. Slater said:

“The deal included a $50 million signing bonus and $70 million for the first two years. I am told Dak wanted to get his deal done, but it was too late per a source informed.”

Dak Prescott in the frame

She further added:

“Dak Prescott declined to clarify but disputes some of the details reported here. Tells me while he did talk to Stephen Jones and try to get a deal done he’s grateful and blessed to be a Cowboy and working and moving forward to do whatever he can to help the team win a Super Bowl.”

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A Likely Scenario To Unfold

The biggest reason that the scenario is likely a two-fold is:

  • The NFL salary cap is expected to drop in 2021 from $198 million this year to $175 million the next.
  • Prescott will earn up to $35 million on the franchise tag in 2021 if Dallas used it again.

Reportedly, the increase in Prescott’s price tag, combined with a drop in the salary cap, could lead to the quarterback hitting the open market.

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