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Dan Bilzerian, The Famous Internet Personality Is On The Verge Of Getting Bankrupt

Dan Bilzerian, The Famous Internet Personality Is On The Verge Of Getting Bankrupt
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Dan Bilzerian -The controversial internet personality:

Dan Bilzerian is an American actor, venture capitalist, a controversial internet personality, professional poker player, and an Instagrammer. He has over 32.5 million followers on Instagram. Thus, he is declared as the king of Instagram.

If you have seen his posts, you know about his uber-rich lifestyle. Recently, the news of his bankruptcy is surfacing on the internet. We all are shocked to hear this!

Where does Bilzerian get all his funding from? Bilzerian is the CEO and founder of Ignite International Limited. It helps him with his extravagant lifestyle. Many times, Bilzerian has been criticised for his acting like a Casanova. A lot of people even doubt his poker skills and call it below average.

What Happened To His Company?

In July, there was a report by Bloomberg that former President of Ignite -Curtis Heffernan has filed a suit against the company. His lawsuit claimed that he was fired just because he refused to accept Bilzerian’s extravagant spending.

Last year, the company had suffered a whopping loss of $50 million. The reason for this is said to be the expensive spending habits of Bilzerian. In 2019, Paycheck Protection Program Loans from the US government has given Ignite a considerable loan of $1.2 million.

It looks like the company’s liability column has been filled while its assets are vanishing. The company is drowning in a debt of around $40 million with all the investors combined.

The YouTube Video Which Made Fun Of Him:

In a satirical video by the YouTuber Philip Rusnack also known as Philion, it was claimed that Dan Bilzerian is the ‘King of Simps’. He also gave him the title of Β β€˜man-baby’. While in another video by the YouTuber JAMARI, his poker skills have been questioned.

He also told that Dan has tricked people into believing that he has still got a lot of money. However, the truth is that he is on the verge of getting Bankrupt. After making this video, the YouTuber got a lot of hate comments from Bilzerian’s fans.

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