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Danica Patrick recently broke up with Aaron Rodgers. Click here to know more!

Danica Sue Patrick is an American former professional racing driver. Her remarkable performances in the American open-wheel racing has made her one of the most successful women. She is the only woman to win in the 2008 Indy Japan 300 in an IndyCar Series race. She has gained a prestigious position in the fans’ eyes. Been in the field for years has acquired her a fan following of millions of people. She even received various awards through the years of her career.Β 

Danica Patrick’s personal life

In 2002, Danica Patrick met physical therapist Paul Edward Hospenthal at his office. She underwent a hip injury, and that made her meet Paul. They slightly grew interested in the relationship and later married each other. It was in 2005 that she happened to marry him.
In November 2012, Patrick started dating fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. After that, she came into another relationship with the Green Bay Packers. Then in February 2018, she started dating Aaron Rodgers and broke up with him in July 2020.

The break-up of Danica Patrick and Aaron RodgersΒ 

Danica Patrick believes in living a positive life. She is currently in the media these days as she ended her relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Danica Patrick spent a day at the lake in a bikini after breaking up with Aaron Rodgers.
She stated on her Instagram handle, β€œIf we let what one person thinks of us be our reality, we are doomed.” β€œRealize that what someone says to us has a lot more to do with their own wounds and reality than ours,” she continued. β€œOur reality is our decision. Still not easy- but true.”
It was confirmed last month that Danica Patrick and boyfriend Aaron Rodgers broke up and are no longer together.

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Danica Patrick’s reaction to her break-up with Aaron Rodgers

After breaking up with Aaron Rodgers, Patrick chose a lifestyle dedicated to herself. She is providing all her attention to herself. Besides that, she relished moments at a lake trip. She went to the lake with her pals and has even started following a new workout pattern. β€œJust wanted to say thank you all for your kind comments. I read them. And I appreciate you,” she recently said on her Instagram profile.

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