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Dark Crystal Season 2: When Will There Be A Comeback Of This?

Dark Crystal Season 2
Dark Crystal Season 2

The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistanceย 

The Jim Henson Company along with Netflix are responsible for bringing this show to us. The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance is a Netflix original and is concerned with nothing except the wonderful world of Thra.

The Gelfins clan ought to rise against the terrible Skeksis. For this purpose, the clan needs to be formed first. United we stand, divided we all. This season will explore how Bria Ryan and Deet come together with the objective of uniting the Gelfings clan.

In this world, we see how everything tried hard to save the world of Thra from being destroyed. Dark Crystal is a fantasy adventure, not really sci-fi. If you are huge fan of fantasy worlds, this is just the right show for you.

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The Dark Crystal' Producers on Epic Ending; Season 2 Possibilities ...

The Dark Crystal: Characters And Plot Details

There are lots of characters present, Resistance, Skeksis, Gelfing, and many others. I hope the list below does justice to the characters:

  • Taron Egertonย – Rian
  • Anya Taylor-Joyย – Brea
  • Nathalie Emmanuelย  Deet
  • Donna Kimball – Aughra
  • Harris Dickinsonย – Gurjin
  • Gugu Mbatha-Rawย – Seladon
  • Victor Yerridย – Hup
  • Shazad Latifย – Kylan
  • Hannah John-Kamenย – Naia
  • Harvey Fiersteinย – The Gourmand (skekAyuk)
  • Jason Isaacsย – The Emperor (skekSo)
  • Simon Peggย – The Chamberlain (skekSil)
  • Benedict Wongย – The General (skekVar)
  • Mark Hamillย – The Scientist (skekTek)
  • Keegan-Michael Keyย – The Ritual-Master (skekZok)
  • Awkwafina – The Collector (sketch)
  • Alice Dinneanย – The Ornamentalist (skekEkt)
  • Neil Sterenberg – The Scroll Keeper (skekOk)

I think we all loved the concept of the three gelfings going on adventures. Season two will introduce new characters and also focus on the further expansion of the world of Thra.

When Will Season 2 Release?

Season 1 did not come out till 2019 though it’s released was announced in 2017. Clearly, the second season will take some time to release, probably late 2020. Now since there is a global crisis, I expect it might be slightly delayed.

However, the production is quite ready with the scenes. New characters add up to the excitement.

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