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DARK SEASON 3 EXPLAINED!: Have A Look At What We Have To Say!

DARK SEASON 3 EXPLAINED!: Have A Look At What We Have To Say!: DARK sci-fi and fantasy series ending was surprising for the fans. Many questions have come up after the season 3 ending.

So we provide the explanation for the DARK Season 3, about why didn’t Claudia Tiedemann destroy the Knot herself?

DARK Streaming On Netflix

The German series is in the genre of sci-fi and fantasy. It is a thriller web television series co-created by Baran bo OdarΒ andΒ Jantje Friese.

1 December 2017, the series made its first debut on Netflix, the series has three seasons, and it’s last season aired on 27 June 2020.

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Dark has been widespread and praised for its tone, visuals, acting, musical score, and the ambition and complexity of its narrative. The series has a total of 26 episodes with first ten being in the first season and 8 in season 2 and 3.

The series has a significant cult following from the start, the story starts from a small town of Winden and becomes much more.

The DARK Season 3 Ending

Season 3 was a significant Season plot twist, and we saw twist unravelling and finding out that there were not one but a total of 3 worlds. Jonas Kahnwald has (played by Louis Hofmann) revealed this about only being present in one world interconnected to another.

The worlds were interconnected with each other and linked in an infinite loop. It was called the Knot.

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Jonas travelling to another world

Besides, Jonas revealed that there was the only way to break the Knot and it was through travelling to the Origin World, which existed outside the Knot.

The Major twist was when Claudia Tiedemann (Julika Jenkins), was the one who found about the Knot and about how to destroy it.

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She sent Jonas and Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) to the Origin World and told them how they could break the Knot. The teens succeeded in the task and preventing the apocalypse from taking place.

Season 3 Major Questions

Now the central, question that has arisen is if Claudia already knew about the Knot why she didn’t destroy it herself?

It could be a central plot hole, or Martha and Jonas had to be the ones to break because their child was also at the centre of the Knot.

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Jonas and Martha

Martha and Jonas became Adam and Eve after all, with their child being in the middle. They both are like Adam and Eve after all, who are locked in an eternal battle with one trying to break the cycle and the other trying to preserve it.

Also, the pair had played major significant throughout the series, according to this the team would also dispute the timeline, so it seems reasonable they went instead of Claudia.

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Jasper_Gandalf_ theory

According to a Reddit user Jasper_Gandalf_ who come up with a fan theory, to the assumption about how did Claudia figure about the Knot, considering the rules of the Knot seemed to suggest there was no free will and events were already pre-determined.

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