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Dark Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Comeback In The Next Season

Dark Season 3
The poster of the new season of the Dark from Netflix.

After leaving the fans with several disputed questions and taking a massive twist, the German sci-fi noir, Dark,Β  has been renewed for one final season. Dark, created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, released on 1st December 2017. Due to the show’s massive gain of popularity overnight, Netflix immediately bought the copyright laws for the show. Netflix, without any delay, restored the show for a second straight season which turned the release of Dark Season 3 into a certainty. Here is everything you need to know the show’s release date, plot, and the cast.

Dark Season 3: Release Date

Baran Bo Odar, one the show’s creator, took to his Instagram to announce to the fans, that the shooting for the third and the final season began in June 2019 and the fans can expect the new season in 2020. As per Hollywood, the last season has been slated for release on 27th June 2020. But owing to the outbreak of the COVID-19, a delay may be on the cards.

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A scene from the Netflix’s Dark starring the usual cast.


Almost the entire previous cast of the acclaimed show is going to return for the final season. As per Hollywood, this is how the confirmed cast stands so far with all the previous cast reprising their original roles:

  • Teen Jonas (Louis Hoffman)
  • Katherine (Jordis Triebel)
  • Noah (Mark Waschke)
  • Martha (Lisa Vicari)
  • Older Jonas (Andreas Pietschmann)

In addition to the original cast, a new cast of characters is also set to appear. They are Barbara Nurse, Hans Diehl, Sammy Scheuritzel, Axel Werner, and Nina Kronjagar.


The people behind the scene haven’t shared any details of the plot and what people should expect. The first two seasons left people at the edge of their seats. The final season promises to continue with the legacy. But the third being the final season is a spoiler in itself because several secrets are to be revealed in this last season of the widely acknowledged show.

The most expected Dark Season 3 with all the questions answered.

The ends kept loose by the second season are going to be tied up. The highly complicated relationship between Elisabeth and Charlotte, the lead characters of the show, being the mother and daughter of each other, is very much likely to continue in the final season as well. As Netflix is yet to launch a trailer for the last season, there is no clear idea as to what exactly can the fans expect from the previous season.

Will Katherina make it to 1986? Is Adam a Jonas or not? Is Hannah having an affair with Egon?

The fans are looking forward to getting answers to every twist show has laid down. It looks like will have to wait a little longer for getting those as Dark Season 3 releases on 21st June 2020.

Season 3 Finale

The third season will revolve around Jonas. This is going to be the final seasonΒ of theΒ Dark seriesΒ expected to fill with more about love,Β human nature, nihilism, self-preservation, incest, time travel, inter-dimensional travel, and many more. The season willΒ reveal all theΒ hidden secretsΒ in the fictitious town of Winden in Germany.

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