‘Dash And Lily’ The Prefect Christmas Web Series, Thank you, Nick Jonas.

The Jonas Brothers’ Nick Jonas, is the executive producer of the new romcom Dash and Lily. The new rom-com ‘Dash and Lily’ is everything you need for 2020’s Christmas. And the best thing about it is that it is related to everybody favourite and the famous singer Nick Jonas. Nick took to the internet to promote his new web series as well. However, that is not all fans have loved the Christmas feels it is giving since now. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Dash And Lily

Dash and Lily were recently premiered on Netflix and yet it had managed to make a special place in the viewer’s heart. Fans are loving the new yet old school romance concept with the amazing characters. Sticking to the genre the Christmas movie has a lot coming with it. From Christmas songs, to Christmas tree, and romcom. Fans are in love with the movie and the characters. We can see the struggle faced by the two young teenage lovers. Both Dash and Lily are a unique character in the series who are trying to make some love for each other and yet give all the positive Christmas vibes to the viewers.


The story is about two young teenage love birds who start their relationship around the Christmas time. The show has an amazing old school love concept. The set of 8 episodes are made on a little book which both Dash and Lily use as a source to communicate and share their love. The book is like a mystery box for the two as they get something really unexpected everytime it is opened. It gives the perfect romcom Christmas feels.


The first season was recently relased and it got immense love a fame. In fact it’s highly expected to be on top 10 list in UK and US soon. The reviews of the show are as amazing as the characters of the show. The story of their love story will make you remind yours.

The Storyline

The season 1 starts with Dash going around in the library, searching for a book, but gets other mysterious book. Which had things written on it. The first page of the book says that the person reading has to play a game along. And by playing the games through the book both Dash and Lily got connected really well. Through the episode the two got closer and the closer with the help of just a book. It encourages the old school love that makes love even more special.

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Lily is a 17 year old girl and Dash is around the same age. The character of Lily is played by Midori Imamate, a 26 year old American actress. Fans have showed her immense love and support after the relase. They have loved her in and out of the movie. She has acted in many movies such as Good Boys, Ocean’s 8, South Mountain and many more.


Talking about Dash, the teen lover, who is searching for his perfect partner. It is played by Austin Abrams. He is a 24 year old American actor, who was also a part of the famous show Euphoria. A part from that he has done amazing work in movies like Chemical Hearts, Scary Stories To Tell In Dark, Paper Towns and many more. His performance in Dash and Lily is loved by people from all around the world.



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