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Dash And Lily’s Ending In Netflix Series And Book Are Quite Different!

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Dash And Lily’s Ending Is Not The Same As Shown In The Series

Dash and Lily “is a new original Netflix series that follows two Manhattan teenagers. As they anonymously exchange messages and challenges with each other via a laptop.

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The romantic holiday story is based on Rachel Cohn and David Levithan‘s young adult novel “Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares.” The show maintained the book’s swift tone. But cancelled a number of the key plot points that ultimately altered the entire ending.

Let Us Spot The Difference Between The Novel And The Show!

Edgar and Sofia have important roles in the show, but not so much in the novel. In the novel, Dash and Lily do not kiss other people.
In the film, Dash’s ex-girlfriend Sofia whisks him away on Christmas Eve for a romantic night at an empty museum. They kiss when they’re there. She tells him she wants to get back together with him.
But in the novel, their relationship is strictly platonic. In the growing romance of Dash and Lily, she just doesn’t do anything to throw a wrench.

Similarly, in the film, there is another added kiss that ends up being very dramatic. Unfortunately, when Lily gets wasted at a bar on Christmas with her caroling party. Edgar kisses her, right when Dash walks in.

Dash goes to the bar in the book and sees Lily and Edgar hanging out together, not dating. But he’s more upset that she dropped her notebook drunkenly on the floor than by the involvement of Edgar.

Lily Do Not Get Trouble Because Of Dating In The Novel

Lily has no problems getting drunk in the novels. Her grandfather shows up at the show ‘s house with her great-aunt. Dash agrees to take her to her great-aunt Mrs. Basil E ‘s house after seeing Lily at the bar with Edgar. Hen notices how intoxicated she is, so he knows she’s not going to get in as much trouble there.

For the rebellious teen in the novel, this works out well because Mrs. Basil E lets her spend the night, But her grandfather picks her up at the show and sees her intoxicated. This is the main reason she gets into trouble on the show with her family. Mostly why her parents will move her to Fiji with them for the new job of her father.

The Ending Of The Book Ends With Both Of Them In Custody

The end of the book includes Dash and Lily being taken into police custody.In the film, Lily always walks dogs, but Boris does not make an appearance.
In the book, when he unintentionally hits a child in the eye with a snowball after a group of children instigate a fight with him. Dash becomes a prime suspect on the WashingtonSquareMommies blog.

Lily and Dash run into each other as she’s walking a massive dog named Boris after the snowball-fight attack. While they’re both on the outs after the bar escapade.

The dog drags them to Washington Square Park, charges the same kid with a snowball that Dash hit, evident by his eye patch, and knocks over a nearby stroller, sending the baby soaring inside.
Fortunately, Lily catches and saves the baby, but Dash is recognized by his parents and accuses him. Lily of attempting to abduct the baby. Dash, Lily, and Boris are taken to the station in a squad car after the cops are called. The police check the video footage from the park.
Even though Dash and Lily are not charged with anything, the incident still hits the news. When they find out about it, Lily ‘s parents and grandfather are not pleased, which is a big explanation for her punishment in the novel.
None of the above occurs at all in the film.

Eve Plans Are Different But Both Are Romantic!

The New Year’s Eve plans of Dash and Lily go down in the show quite differently. But both are very romantic.

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Much earlier in the episode, Lily’s parents come home.
Lily ‘s parents come home early from their holiday to spend Christmas with their family on the show and make dramatic arrangements to travel to New Year’s Eve in Fiji.
Three hours before midnight, Lily and her parents get into the airport taxi, and she doesn’t see Dash ‘s message about meeting at The Strand to celebrate and say goodbye to the holiday.
She jumps out of the cab without explaining anything to her parents when her brother Langston eventually sends her a picture of the message Dash left in the journal, and races through the crowded streets of New York City to meet him.

In the book and in the film, they still end up in The Strand. Since Lily ‘s parents are on their way back from their Fiji holiday and there is no -immediate danger of getting on a plane at midnight, New Year’s Eve goes down differently in the novel.
Dash and Lily catch up with each other for a cooking date at Boomer ‘s famous aunt’s celebrity kitchen much earlier in the day. Then it’s Lily who gets them to The Strand so that Dash can see in the basement of the bookstore the full Oxford English Dictionary collection, which he previously told her was his dream Christmas present.
They still get stuck overnight in the bookstore and end up kissing, but as far as the parallels go, that’s about.

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