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Daughter Leni Chooses Mumma Heidi Klum Over Daddy Seal As She Writes Letter To Father For Going To Germany !

Heidi Klum and her Kids
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Heidi Klum’s Daughter Leni Supports Mother In Fight Against Seal

We all know the time when Heidi split up with Seal after things went downhill between the two. However, the two share four kids- Leni, 16, Henry, 14, Johan, 13, and Lou, 10. Heidi has to go to Germany to shoot Germany’s Next Top Model and want to take the kids with her. However, Seal does not approve of it due to coronavirus. Now, their eldest daughter Leni has come out in favour of Heidi. She has submitted a declaration in court that said, “My mom needs to film in Germany for a few months, and my siblings and I want to go with her.”

Heidi Klum
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Leni Speaks On Behalf Of Her Siblings For Mother Heidi Klum

Leni’s declaration comes after Heidi filed a declaration for an urgent hearing regarding the issue. Leni made it clear that her statement reflects the thoughts of her siblings as well who are young to file a declaration. She said, “This is hard because I love both of my parents, but I feel like I need to speak up. I understand that my siblings are too young to speak to the judge, so I am happy to speak for all of us.”

Leni Points Out The Reason Behind Going To Germany With Heidi Klum

Leni mentioned it in her declaration about why she and her sibling want to go to Germany. As per her account, it would allow them to visit their grandparents. Heidi is originally from Germany, and her parents are still there. However, Seal doesn’t think the reasons are worth taking the risk during the time of coronavirus. Leni said, “So far, my dad is not allowing us to go, though we have tried to tell him our reasons why we want to.”

Leni’s Requests For Permission Through Personal Letter To Father Seal

Leni had also written a personal letter to her father Seal requesting him to grant permission for Germany. She understands the reason behind her father’s rejection of the idea. However, she wants a fair solution where everyone is happy. She said in her letter, “I just want to figure out something and come up with a plan and agreement as a family. I love you so so much.”

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