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David Beador And His Pregnant Fiancée Lesley Cook Are Now Officially Married

David Beador And His Pregnant Fiancée Lesley Cook Are Now Officially Married
Source: Us Weekly

Sources confirmed that David Beador and his pregnant fiancée Lesley Cook are officially married.

Lesley Cook Shared Her news Of Marriage By Posting A Screenshot Of Her Changed Name On Instagram Profile.

Lesley revealed this news on her Instagram story of October 15th. She also mentioned that she changed her name from Lesley Cook to Lesley Beador. She then shared a screenshot of her profile where one could see her changed name. Lesley Cook captioned the picture “Dreams Come True.”

David got married to Shannon Beador in the year 2000. However, they got separated in October 2017. The ex-couple also share three children. David and Lesley started dating shortly after Beador’s former relationship was broken.

David Beador’s Wife, Mother Of 2 Children, Is Pregnant Again

“Looking forward to a bright future with my fiancé. It’s a dream come true for me,” said Lesley delightfully. She added how David cares about everyone. Lesly Cook is a mother of 2 children from her previous marriage.

Cook is pregnant again, and she confirmed this news herself in July. “You’re going to be a big sister. Are you excited?” Lesley asked this to her daughter Inga in one of the videos she shared on her Instagram. She further told her daughter to show her excitement.

David Beador’s Ex-Wife Says That Their Children Are Still Adjusting To The New Situation

However, the media reported that when the duo got engaged, the children were still trying to cope up with the new situation. Insiders revealed that Shannon was shocked when she heard this news.

“The girls are excited that their dad is happy, but it’s still very fresh to them,” she said. She added that the children share a great bond with their father, but the marriage came as a great surprise to them.

Shannon has also moved on and is currently dating John Janssen. The duo is happy with each other and celebrated their first anniversary recently.

Shannon mentioned that she wasn’t expecting to find love at 56, but marriage is not on her cards shortly. “I’m in no rush for anything,” she said in an interview.

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