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David Eason To Get Behind The Bars Soon! He Pistol-Whips Jenelle Evans Friend!

Eason To Go Behind The Bars?
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David Eason To Get Behind The Bars Soon! He Pistol-Whips Jenelle Evans Friend!: David Eason can be behind bars for all the illegal activities he did in the past. It’s not like David did something harmful he did worse. The unemployed man is a psycho and needs help.

Moreover, his wife, Jenelle Evans, is fed up of his misbehaviour and Intolerance. It’s getting stressful for his fans to handle him sometimes. It’s better to look at what Eason did in the past and what are the consequenced he might face soon. Hence let us get started and learn more about Eason.

David Eason’s Past Crimes

Eason To Go Behind The Bars?
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The mad man once alleged pistol-whipped one of her wife’s Friend. However, the case was filed against him but noting happened as her wife keeps protecting him. Further, he shot his pet german shepherd dog for no reasons. According to him, the reason behind killing his dog is the dog bite his daughter.

Also, the dog often troubled her daughter and being a responsible father, and it was his duty to protect her daughter, he said. Recently he killed and ate his family pet goat just because he was craving a lump of meat. However, supposedly the goat was his daughter’s favourite pet still he didn’t care. Eason even posted the picture of goats head on his Instagram handle so that his followers believe him.

David Eason Hurt Jenelle Evans?

Eason To Go Behind The Bars?
source: TMZ.com

It is rumoured that the mad one beat up her wife, Jenelle Evans. However, Evans did not file a complaint against him and instead kept protecting his man. According to a recent report, Evans is filing for a divorce as she feels unsafe around Eason.

Eason To Go Behind The Bars?

Eason To Go Behind The Bars?
source: Hollywood Life

Looking at the past crimes Eason must be indeed get charged soon. However, there’s no confirmation yet whether he will be put behind bars or not, but David will have to compensate for all the crimes. He is ordered to visit court on 30 October, and the Judge’s decision will be the final decision.

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