DC Officially Cuts Ties With America’s biggest Diamond Comic Distributors!

DC Cuts Ties With Diamond Comic Distributors: In a seismic shift in the comic industry, DC has cut ties with industry leader Diamond Comic Distributors. The announcement was made via email, which was sent to retailers on Friday (5/6/2020). This is what a spokesperson from DC told The Hollywood Reporter:

“After 25 years, DC and Diamond Comics are ending their long-standing relationship. Moving forward, comic book retailers can obtain their comic books from Penguin Random House. Similarly, they can also obtain their books or periodicals through UCS or Lunar Comic Book Distributors.”

It has been a tough time as Diamond Comics distribution has shut down. However, when they came back online, they were going to fulfill DC ordering again. But now DC has officially cut ties with Diamond Comic Distributors.

What Went Down Exactly?

This is what the email sent to the retailers on Friday reads:

“We understand that this may seem like a momentous decision to many of you. However, we assure you that this change in DC’s distribution plan has not been made lightly. It follows a long period of thought and consideration.”

DC Officially Cuts Ties With America’s biggest Diamond Comic Distributors!
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DC said that this change in distribution is in line with DC’s overall strategic vision. This decision is intended to improve the health and strengthen the direct and expand the comics’ fanbase worldwide. Therefore, Diamond will only be fulfilling the orders through June 1, which means June 1 is the final order cut off. From June 1 onwards, Diamond will not solicit the sale of new DC comic books.

To ensure a smooth transition, DC will suspend the final order cutoff for June 8. Therefore, DC books will be available to order only until June 8.

Diamond Comic Distributors 

DC Cuts Ties With Diamond Comic
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DC’s periodical product had been distributed by Diamond comic distributors. The distributor holds a virtual monopoly on comic book distribution in the North American Market. In the wake of the chaos caused by the pandemic, Diamond shut down shop in March 2020. Simultaneously, it also announced that it would withhold payments to publishers citing cash flow problems. This was when DC announced plans to find alternate distribution

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