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So we are back with another series of video games, which you are gonna like the most, as you always do because video games are part and parcel for childhood memories.

Wake Up, Buddy!

So the initial release date for this epic game was – 8 November 2019. Which means it has released, so there you go, to all the pro gamers, who have not played this game, try it soon. It’s not good to be last in the race of enjoyment and thrill, because at the end, the thing which matters the most is entertainment!Β 

Burning Evil- The Epic


So here we are, on the conceding sites and giving you the other side to make you feel updated. We are doing such a good deed so that you may not miss the entertainment. So let us start on with it, first of all talking about the genre- Death Stranding is an action game by Kojima productions.

Death Stranding

The game is all about the action in the aftermath, Death Stranding, which causes destruction which caused destructive creatures from a realm between life and death to begin roaming the Earth. It is a single-player mode game where the player’s control sam reporter bridges, the task of courier is tasked with delivering supplies to the isolated colonies that remain connected through a wireless communication network. The player here is evaluated by the company on the bases of the performance, including the factors where the cargo was delivered, these facts are used for the level up, the player stats, such as the stability, weighing capacity and increase in location and characters, and how the cargo is packed, weighted, being carried effects the ability to navigate through environments,

the killer level-Β you will feel this killing when there is the arrival of enemies, which are “beached things”, “mules” who attempt to steal the deliveries so they can deliver by themselves, and the demons and mules who have begun killing porters to claim their cargo. The other thing is that the environment is covered with rainfall known as “time fall”, which is used to destroy the player’s armour. BTS are invisible, but then the suit of the player is equipped with a robotic sensor that points towards BTs and than the player can scan the area to reveal them.

Now the most chilling facts to be known by you is about death stranding was nominated for several awards and received favourable reviews, with critics praising its voice acting, soundtrack, and graphics.

So this was all about the stunning features of these games, stay healthy and happy and stay tuned for other upcoming games!

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