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Deavan Clegg Accuse Jihoon Lee Of Abusing Her Four-Year-Old Daughter

Deavan Clegg

Deavan Clegg once again blaming Jihoon.

Deavan Clegg


Deavan had accused Jihoon of hurting her four-year daughter Drucilla. In the interview with AllAboutTheTea.com, the 90 Day Fiance start blaming her South Korean husband once again.

Drascilla was the daughter of Deavan previous relationship, and Taeyang was their son; all of them were going to South Korea to live with Taeyang’s father. But after all such matters made Deavan returned to the United States with her children. Priscilla told everything to me about what her father did to her. And everything was so shocking and heartbreaking for her. But she is tight-lipped of now for what exactly happened.

Deavan had proof of accuse.

Jihoon Lee was, again and again, denial her allegations. As he posted a lengthy message on Instagram, claiming that he never did wrong with the little girl. Instead, he used to discipline her when she acts out at school.

But Deavan denied his claim and revealed that she is having a proof of his accuse. This time she is having the pictures and video of pulling her daughter’s hairs as proof. But Fans did not take Devan claim as serious and say in specific Asian culture; hair pulling is a common type of discipline there. Deavan said that what Lee did is something different and out of anger.

All about Deavan Clegg?

Deavan Clegg was born on 15 November 1996, belongs to Salt Lake City, Utah, the United States. She met at Seoul’s Jihoon at the age of 23 in the international dating app. They both get married in South Korea. And on their first night, Deavan got pregnant with Taeyang. After their marriage, Lee was not responsible for their growing family, which leads to an indication of the red flag of their relationship.

Further, their relationship came in the track of separation, and this was a piece of big shocking news for the fans. She gets back to America after she alleges child abuse by Jihoon.


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