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Depp left Fantastic Beasts: A Question Mark On Ego Monster’s Career !

Johnny Depp

After losing the libel trial, on this Friday, Johnny Depp left “The Fantastic Beasts” franchise.Β Johnny Depp’s career is at risk after losing the libel case. Let’s discuss in brief.

Amber Heard called Johnny Depp an “ego-monster”

Hollywood actor, John Christopher Depp (57) is a famous actor, producer, and musician; also been regarded as one of the most notable film stars. And his ex-wife Amber Laura Heard (34), who is an American actress and model. Both have been very controversial after their divorce, especially because of the libel trial.

In London court, while the lawsuit procedures were going on, in one of the arguments Amber Heard called Johnny Depp an “ego monster”. Without drawing any limit to the words, both Depp and Heard continued speaking publicly about their private life anecdotes. She even justified her statement by saying,

“Johnny Depp usually lost his control after taking drugs and alcohol.”

According to her, Johnny Depp is too violent. And she totally agreed to the article posted on The Sun tabloid about Johnny Depp, titled “Wife-Beater”. After all the evidence Depp lost the liberal trial against the Sun over Heard.

Depp had sued all the publishers and executive editors of The Sun over publishing such shameful articles on him.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Losing the Libel case turned was a big turning point in Depp’s life…

Losing the libel trial turned out as a huge disadvantage to Johnny Deptt. As it brings a huge negative impact on his personal life as well as on professional life.

Impact on his Personal life:

  • His children are scared of stepping out of the house because of the media and press.
  • Thousands of allegations have been imposed on Johnny Depp.
  • His characterization as such ridiculous titles like “Wife-beater” and “Ego-monster” is not so good for his reputation.
  • The losing of this libel case has brought a huge disappointment to Johnny Depp, his friends, family, and fans.

Impact on his Professional life:

  • He lost $165 million due to losing the libel case.
  • All over the industry, no one is willing to work with him, because of the case of sexual violence on him by his ex-wife.
  • He was asked to resign “The Fantastic Beasts” franchise.
  • His whole career is undefinable right now.

This case totally ruined his reputation as an actor as well as a person. Everyone is calling him a “Wife-beater”. Although, he has denied admitting whatever Amber Heard accused him of.

Is Johnny Depp really leaving the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise?

Johnny Depp used to portray the Dark Wizard Gellert Grindewald in the “Fantastic Beasts”.

Fantastic Beasts 3

According to resources, Johnny Depp was forced to leave “The Fantastic Beasts” franchise. After losing the libel case and because of all the accusations, he has been asked to resign from the franchise by Warner Bros. And he updated his departing via Instagram by himself.

Sun claimed that Depp physically abused his ex-wife Amber Heard in the libel case. Now, Depp left Fantastic Beasts. So, when the actor posted on his Instagram handle about leaving the franchise, he mentioned “Inspired by recent events”, which clearly justifies the reason behind him leaving the franchise. He clearly wrote,

“I wish to let you know that I have been asked to resign by Warner Bros. from my role as Grindelwald in ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and I have respected and agreed to that request.”

“I have been overwhelmed and moved by your many texts of love and concern, particularly over the past few days.”

In this libel case, Depp’s life has been totally changed. Warner Bros also announced that after Depp’s departure and his role will be recast before the third installment opens in theaters. And because of all these sudden changes, the premiere date has also been shifted from November 2021 to the summer of 2022. So, now fans have to wait for a bit long.


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