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Destiny 2 Is On Xbox & Here’s Everything About It!

Destiny 2 is on Xbox
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Destiny 2 Is On Xbox & Here’s Everything About It!:Β The Xbox Series X event was one of the anticipatedΒ events after the PlayStation 5 launch in June. It was mostly because Microsoft and Bungie revealed the games during the event.

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However, during the event, the officials revealed Destiny 2 for Xbox game pass. The news came as an excitement for the audience. Nevertheless, let us dig into the details of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2- Beyond Light

Previously, Xbox executives promised that the game would be available to ‘Game Pass’ subscribers at no additional cost in September. Moreover, the game will come with previous expansions and the new Destiny 2: Beyond Light DLC.

Destiny 2 is on Xbox X Series
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Considering the response at the game launch, perhaps, this game will directly skyrocket the sales of Xbox. After the officials dropped the trailer, we see a new subclass that comes to the game- the Stasis. The Stasis comes with ice powers and lots of things to do with the environment.

In the game, the players can use ice to attack the opponents and create faster movements. Moreover, players can produce ice beams and freeze the enemies.

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The Controls

It seems that you can use the same mechanics that you can use to build a high wall to avoid taking damages too. Moreover, you can scatter enemies once they’re frozen, and there are some ice-based weapons to wield while in action.
I know most of the players can’t wait to play Destiny 2. So, here’s a piece of good news. You can pre-order the Dulex Edition for some exclusive in-game rewards.

Thankfully, the settings are nearly similar to the older version that plays on PS 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. You can check the trailer here!

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About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter by Bungie launched in 2017. However, the game is officially making a comeback on the next-gen console of the Xbox Series X, and the fans are thrilled.

Destiny 2 poster

Despite being set in a fictional world, the game has a fair share of elements that keeps the players engaging. The players portray the role of a guardian that protects the last safe city on earth. The guardians wield the light to protect themselves from the alien powers.

The new game has made most of you guys sit on the edge of the seat. The new weapons and settings have made it more enticing for the audience. Let us know your views about the new game!


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