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Destiny 2: Trials Of Osiris Rewards, Xur Location And Other Details

Bungie Games: Destiny 3

GUARDIANS!!! The latest Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris event has kicked off on PS4, Xbox One and PC this week (April 3-7), with Saint-14 the new Trials vendor. We will tell you the Xur location of this week and also about its exotic inventory.

How Trial Of Osiris Works?

Players need to approach Saint-14 (the new Trials vendor and announcer) at the location which resets every Friday and purchase Trials Passages from him. But there is a condition. You must be 960 Power to buy them.
Players with 3, 5, or 7 wins on their Trials Passage will be granted a Weekly Challenge Trials Reward. Here are the rewards on offer to players who manage over three wins:
  • 3 winsΒ –Β Gauntlets, Gloves, Grips of the Exile (Titan, Hunter, Warlock arms)
  • 5 winsΒ –Β Exile’s Curse (Arc Fusion Rifle)
  • 7 winsΒ –Β Plate, Vest, Robe of the Exile (Titan, Hunter, Warlock chest)
  • Flawless –Β Helm, Cover, Hood of the Exile (Titan, Hunter, Warlock helmet

Destiny 2

It is important for you to win again and again without losing. When you hit three losses you would have to start over.
If you manage to go flawlessly by winning seven matches with no losses, you’ll earn a trip to the lighthouse to nab some of the best gear the game can offer.

Xur And His Location This Week (Destiny 2)

Xur is an Agent of the Nine and a vendor in Destiny 2. He sells Legendary and Exotic items for LegendaryΒ Shards. Xur appears only on the weekends between 12 PM EST on Friday to 12 PM EST on Tuesday. Every week he changes his location. He will appear in the public sector of any of the four worlds: European Dead Zone, Titan, IO, and Nessus or in the Tower. He will be offering an inventory of Trials Passages, Bounties, and the option to turn in Trials Tokens.

So hunters need to track down Xur in a large area. But we got every information you need to track down Xur this week.

Destiny 2

Saint-14 is the Xur this week. He can be found in the IO at Giant Scar To get to him, fast travel to the Giant Scar landing zone. Ride your sparrow straight through the building in front of you, and take a left when you exit it. Hug the wall and keep going left until you reach a cave. Get in the cave, and you’ll find Xur in the back ready to sell you some exotics.

What’s In The Bag Of Xur? (Destiny 2)

Xur is offering –

1. Hard Light(Exotic Auto Rifle)


  • Impact:21
  • Range:46
  • Stability:82
  • Handling:79
  • Reload Speed:68
  • Rounds/Min:600
  • Magazine:49

2. Orpheus Rig (Exotic Leg Armor) For Hunter


  • Mobility:12
  • Resilience:6
  • Recovery:6
  • Discipline:6
  • Intellect:12
  • Strength:6

3.Β  Stronghold (Exotic Gauntlets) For Titan


  • Mobility:6
  • Resilience:14
  • Recovery:6
  • Discipline:12
  • Intellect:2
  • Strength:12

Destiny 2

4. Contraverse Hold (Exotic Gauntlets) For Warlock


  • Mobility:10
  • Resilience:0
  • Recovery:20
  • Discipline: 5
  • Intellect:5
  • Strength:10

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