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Did Russia Just Develop A Safe And Effective Coronavirus Vaccine? Know More!

Coronavirus vaccine
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Coronavirus Vaccine By Russia

Did Russia Just Develop A Safe And Effective Coronavirus Vaccine? Know More!: The coronavirus pandemic is spreading like anything at this point. No one would have thought that an outbreak in China would put a pause on our everyday life. By November, it will be one year since the outbreak of coronavirus in China. However, now it is not just about China.

It has spread to almost all countries, and things are not getting any better. The only thing that can bring hope to people regarding going back to normalcy is the development of the vaccine.

Every country in the world is in a rat race to produce the first vaccine. However, a vaccine has already been approved in Russia called Sputnik V, and people are hopeful for it to work.

Coronavirus vaccine
Source: NBC

Why Is The World Not Excited About The Russian COVID Vaccine

Russia’s vaccine should have come as a significant relief to everyone. However, the government from different countries are not thrilled about the news. The reason is that most of the governments around the world think the vaccine has not gone through due process to declare it as a safe and effective vaccine.

There are news reports that suggest that specific trials have not been completed. However, Russian President Putin has asserted that it is safe and he has used it for his daughter as well.

Russian Coronavirus Vaccine Shows Positive Results

The medical journal from Lancet has revealed that the vaccine has shown positive results on people. The results showed the findings from the two trials of the vaccine that was conducted in June and July.

Both tests had 38 participants. In the case of every individual, the vaccine produced antibodies. Moreover, the positive effect is that it did not have any drastic and significant side effects. The individuals were closely monitored, but there were no severe complications.

Coronavirus Vaccine
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What Are The Side Effects Of Russian Coronavirus Vaccine

The journal specified that the vaccine did not show any major or concerning side effects. The maximum that people had to endure was headache and joint pain. The scientist from across the world is still not convinced by the vaccine.

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