Did Wendy Williams Just Confirmed Kim and Kanye’s Divorce? Check it out now.
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Did Wendy Williams Just Confirmed Kim and Kanye’s Divorce?

Did Wendy Williams Just Confirmed Kim and Kanye’s Divorce?: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage have been on the cliff of falling apart for months now. The two have been dealing with their problems for long. And it looks like how it the time they might end everything up. Check out everything you need to know about their marriage failure.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Marriage

Recently Wendy Williams got candid about her thoughtΒ on Kim and Kanye’s marriage. It looks like she knows a lot about the couple’s relationship. She shares with the media that according to her, the couple should part ways.

Iconic TV star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West first met in 2015. After which the two which married in 2016. The couple has four children together.


After Wendy’s people got a clear idea about what the two are dealing with and look like soon, they might get a divorce as well. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Life, Wendy told Andy Cohen that she thinks Kim and Kanye will officially get a divorce and she said: “sooner than later, hopefully.”

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When Wendy shared her candid feedback, Cohen asked why she said hopefully. To which Wendy gave a very bold reply. She responded by saying that Kim needs to be free, free to date new men, they have four children, and she can’t be caught outside hanging out with another man. So for her and Kanye’s good, she should divorce.


Wendy ended the conversation with Cohen by saying that it will be good for both of them. And people now have a clear picture in front of them. It looks like there are working on it and might get a divorce soon.

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