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Did You Know? K-Pop Band BTS Has To Pay FAME Tax For Being Famous In South Korea!

Source: Variety

BTS Has To Pay Fame Tax In South Korea

Did You Know? K-Pop Band BTS Has To Pay FAME Tax For Being Famous In South Korea!: BTS is, without doubt, the biggest sensation in the music industry. Their latest single Dynamite was a testimony of their big footprint on the industry. However, fame comes with some negatives as well. It is quite amusing to note that the band has to pay something called Fame Tax in Korea. Talking about this, BTS member RM said:

β€œIn Korea, we call it fame tax, which we have to pay. As a citizen, we have to pay a fame tax and we always pay for it. You know, you have some positive sides and some negative sides as well but it’s our destiny.”

Source: Variety

What Brings Fulfillment To BTS Members

BTS members are famous all over the world. So it is natural that they enjoy a lot of fame in their home country South Korea. The global fame of the band has helped in highlighting South Korea on the world map. The limelight on their country due to them brings them fulfilment. BTS member Jin said:

β€œThere are rare occasions when I inevitably have to go out. And when I do, people come up to me to say they’re really glad to see me, and that they’re really proud of how more people got to know about Korea because of us. In those moments, I get a sense of fulfillment and feel like I’ve actually shown something to them.”

BTS Gives Its View On Grammy Snub

When BTS did not get nominated for a single category in Grammys last year, there was an outrage from the BTS Army on Twitter and other social media platforms. Talking about this controversy, Suga said:

β€œWe grew up watching the Grammys, so we know of its significance. And it would be incredible if we could be nominated. We never had a Grammy in mind when we first began, but it’s now become a more tangible dream.”

Source: Windows Mode

BTS Has Another Album On The Way

After their latest single Dynamite, BTS is working on a new album during quarantine and lockdown. While people are chilling and sitting inside their house, BTS has not reduced their hard work.

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