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Digimon Adventure Episode 18: Everything About Release Date, Preview And All!

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Digimon Adventure Episode 18 Updates

It is a fantasy-based and adventurous Japanese anime series directed by Akiyoshi Hongo. It is created in collaboration with WiZ.

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Fuji Television and Bandai by Toei Animation. It’s the eighth anime series in the Digimon franchise.
It had 17 episodes completed and is now coming again with the 18th episode, the release date, spoilers. More details were listed below the article for the 18th episode.

Release Date

Episode 18 of Digimon Adventure will be released on Sunday at 9:00 AM(JST) on 4 October 2020, and the latest anime episodes will always be released on Sunday.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The EMP is now influencing the real world, and now it is killing all electrical equipment. Grewmon stops Orochi from attacking the Giga wind.

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We see Zudomon, too, who attacks the hummer spark. Zudomon and Grewmon both manage to block the attack of the Orochi and then, due to lack of energy, transform back to normal form. Orochi has not stopped and proceeds to fire them by firing his water attacks from his mouth. Taichi then instructs everyone to withdraw, leaving the place alone for Yamato.

Taichi invites Yamato to join him and Gabumon leans on them and runs with them. Yamato informs them that in order to finish the fight. They must all go back again and Orochi manages to overwhelm them anyway. Then they try to find ways to beat Orochi. Yamato and Taichi later decide not to cover themselves and beat Orochi with their Digimon

With the aid of Metalgreymon, Gabumon unravels the foxfire that causes harm. It manages to mix its forces and combat with Orochi. They find out about a countdown of nearly 9 hours after fighting and beating him. Which leaves them confused.

Preview Of Episode 18

If you want to see an anime preview, you can watch it both on the official website and on Crunchyroll. Also, for the 18th episode of Digimon Adventure, There is no spoiler ahead, but we hope to see it right from the 17th episode track, where we saw Orochi getting defeated.

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