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Dirty Money Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Everything You Should Know!

Dirty Money Season 3

Are you feeling excited today? Are you up to some gangsta like mischief? No matter how intriguing it sounds, It’s illegal. But, you can experience a similar feeling by just watching Dirty Money. After the two seasons, now Dirty Money Season 3 is awaited by the fans.

Netflix Original Series

Netflix is putting any effort into things because, first of all, the subscribers need some new shows at the moment. Other than that, it’s originals are always worth watching Dirty Money is one such Series.

Opening with the very famous ‘Lie Cheat Steal,’ the content of these documentaries are carefully selected and portrayed to us. So far, it has put up with two seasons.

Dirt Money Season 3
The image from Netflix’s Dirty Money with a plot of many people.


Dirty Money is a documentary about people and money. But, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. It deals with famous people, or rich people who have their hands dipped in a lot of mud and blood. Corruption is a part of our lives, and fraud is all around us. We just seem to be shallow enough, overlooking it.

The Series has combined interviews too to add some first-hand spice in it. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jared Kusher, and many other people from various fields are brought in.

Moreover, Alex Gibney, who is an actual award-winning documentary show maker, is also behind the production process of Dirty Money. The Wells Fargo fraud was quite a scandal to ponder upon. My favorite episode is The Confidence Man from Season 1, what’s yours?

Dirty Money Season 3
The main cast of Netflix’s Dirty Money in the cover.

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Dirty Money Season 3: Release

The first Season of these hour-long documentary episodes showed up in 2018. Since then, it managed to give us two seasons and a total of 12 episodes. Is another one going to come soon?

We can never be sure of that. Since the 2nd part came out just last month of this year itself, the possibility is low. There can be some developments in the future. No official trailers or even talks about another one has been confirmed. Want to watch some similar shows? Try Narcos (not the same genre, but equally exciting).

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