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Discovery season 3: Star Trek becomes the star for viewers eye!

Star Trek: Discovery 3
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All the episodes of Star Trek: Discovery season 3 are receiving a very good response from the audience. People are loving this season. Lemme give you a short summary…

Star Trek: Discovery seasons…

Star Trek: Discovery is a popular American Television series. It is based on adventures, science, fiction, and a lot of drama and produced by CBS Television Studios. This series was first premiered in 2017.

And now, another season,i.e “Star Trek: Discovery 3” is streamed from October 2020. Makers of this season said that it was earlier planned to be streamed in Summer 2020 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the premiere date delayed. So, now this season will come to its end by January 2021. Although, the fourth season of this series has already been scheduled by October 2020 only.

Star Trek: Discovery season 3…


The journey of Discovery in 2020 till now:

There is a total of 13 episodes in this series. From which 4 episodes have already been released. The 5th episode which is going to be the next episode will be streamed on Netflix on the day after tomorrow i.e, 12th November 2020; titled “Die trying”.

Star Trek Discovery 3
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Starting the season from a broken world where is nothing left, other than hope. After a century of silence, war erupts between the Federation and Klingon empire, which is from where the first episode begins. Micheal encounters booker. With its resources, discovery succeeded in arriving in the 32nd century.

But it was a bit shocking scene when the discovery entered in the 32nd century by landing on a huge piece of frozen land. Everything around was totally frozen. And landing on a frozen land which looked like a huge glacier, lead to the repair of the ship. As Sahil was unable to locate the Discovery 3188, Burnham found a transmission from someone on Earth, which again gave the story a new twist.

3rd and 4th episodes…

After a few incidences, Stamets meets Adira. She is an intelligent person, just a normal human having an unusual past and a young investigator who later on reveals that she’s the host of Tal’s Trill symbiont.

β€œHope is a powerful thing,” muses one character.

β€œSometimes it’s the only thing,” Michael replies.

Adira does not remember anything like from where she came, how she came, or how she became the host. She does not remember any of her memories. Burnham believes that Trill can help Adira with memory issues. So, she took Adira to Trill in a hope that this problem can be fixed. But unfortunately, Trill can not help with anything as Trill is no longer a part of the Federation. But as it was Discovery, so Trill welcomed them.

However, Adira’s memories issue successfully resolves. She is easily able to communicate with Gray. Now, the rest of the story will be continued in the upcoming episodes.

Star Trek: Discovery 3, ruling all over the hearts…

This season has everything that viewers want. This season ruling all over the hearts of fans. The public is loving the story of this season.

β€œStar Trek: Discovery” (affectionately known as β€œDISCO” to fans) certainly came out swinging in 2017.

It kind of had to.

People reviewed,

“This season is one of the best and thoughtful season ever.”

This season has brought a different level of energy in all it’s episodes. All the episodes have been talked about a lot. For more updates, stay tuned.

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