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DJ Boof: Y’all Have No Idea What’s Really Going On Wendy Williams’ Behavior

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DJ Boof Comments On Windy Williams’ Behavior

During the October 23, 2020 episode, Wendy Williams‘ conduct during the taping of The Wendy Williams Show was bizarre, and viewers were worried.

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Wendy watchers have heard about her actions on social media and indicated that the 56-year-old needs assistance. The show’s former in-house D, DJ Boof, came forward to our surprise and suggested that with Williams something is going on, but employees are too scared to say something.

“It will all come out,” he wrote in the comment section of an Instagram post. “Y’all have no idea what’s really going on and everyone is afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna lose their jobs …this is going to play out bad. I feel sorry for workers and victims.”

He has been replaced by DJ Suss One after DJ Boof left the show. Although fans were sounding off about Williams, one spectator suggested that Graves’ disease could influence her actions.

“Before assuming that #wendywilliams is high or drunk, remember that she has Graves’ disease. It can affect you cognitively,” one viewer tweeted.

Her team was shamed. Another watcher for even airing Friday’s show commented.

Fans Comments On Her Such Behavior

Wendy Williams Breaks Down In Tears 
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“I must say that #WendyWilliams producers is so out of pocket for even airing today’s episode & allowing the world to see her in this state. It’s clear that they don’t have her back,” they wrote on Twitter.

Somebody else has mentioned that the queen of gossip is intoxicated.

“Not high was # WendyWilliams, she was drunk. After asking, “How are you doing?” “Suzanne was tapped by the short guy in Black and you can hear him say under the claps,” I was Wrong, She’s Drunk! ‘,’ they tweeted.

Williams’ friend-turned-enemy, NeNe Leakes, alleged in September that Williams abused cocaine.

“She on cocaine so they should stop using her to talk! They both need my help with their poor ratings,”

Following Williams’ appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Leakes tweeted.
Leakes said this after Williams said that Leakes after leaving Atlanta’s Real Housewives would be boring on her spin-off reality show.-2

The Erratic Behavior Of Wendy William On The Show

Wendy, 56, was in the news for odd on-camera activities on the show episodes.  Her recent acts had fans turning to Twitter to express their concern for her well-being.
Wendy said ‘hotel’ instead of ‘Adele’ in one part of the show. She went on:’ Hodel. Adele, forgive me. Uh, Hodel! That’s Adele, our child. Tomorrow night she’s hosting SNL. How do you feel about this? A lot of people were asking, ‘Ok, why don’t you perform? Why do you host? ‘The fans were distraught with her.
“She then hesitated, took a deep breath and slurred before going on with the word” for:” “For not performing. Your fans, listen to me.
A crew member then tried to disturb Wendy when she again lost her train of thought.

Wendy laughed: “I like the Shoe Cam music. To me, to me, we need to use…”

The show then showed off the Shoe Cam with her staffer’s boots. She then started dancing to the music in her chair and uncomfortably rubbing her leg. Then Wendy called another staffer and directed her to dance, saying, “Model, go!” Please music!

Later in the show, at the season premiere, guest Baruch Shemtov spoke about Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke opening up about her alcoholism.

One fan wrote: “Yo whoever let @WendyWilliams on air today should be fired. I don’t even know if she’s said a full sentence. How is that show still on the air?”

A second tweeted: “Watching The Wendy Williams show live is so awkward…something is definitely off about her.”

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