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Doctor Shot Her Husband Dead In Front Of Their Kids

Doctor Shot Her Husband Dead In Front Of Their Kids

We often come across something that makes our jaws drop in astonishment and makes us think- why? A similar jaw-dropping incident that has sent the internet into a frenzy- a doctor shot her husband dead in front of their kids.

The doctor’s name is Kathleen Jordan, 31, who shot and killed her husband Jordan, 35, in front of their kids.

Now you must be thinking of several reasons for her to take this step- an extramarital affair? Rage of the moment? A cold-blooded murder for money?

But the reason is every bit as bizarre as the incident itself- a look. Yes, she killed her husband because he gave her a β€˜look’.

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The argument

Doctor Shot Her Husband Dead In Front Of Their Kids

The incident took place on June 17 when the couple were driving their pickup truck along a highway in Nebraska.

They were driving back from Scottsbluff along Interstate 80 where they had been planning to move.

Joshua was driving the truck and the couple was having an argument about something. At one point during the argument, Joshua pulled over at the side of the road and called a friend to help them resolve the issue.

According to Kathleen, during the phone call, he gave her a certain β€˜look’ and started to raise his arm as if to hit her. In response to this, she pulled out a pistol from the car’s console and shot him twice.

Kathleen told the Police that she got scared for her own life and lives of her children and in response she shot him. Their two sons were in the backseat of the car when this happened.

The aftermath

Doctor Shot Her Husband Dead In Front Of Their Kids

Soon after, Kathleen herself called the Police and stayed with the truck until they arrived. The Police found the dead body in the driver’s seat.

Police then arrested Kathleen and charged her with second-degree murder and the use of a deadly weapon.

A judge said on Wednesday that if she can pay 10% of her $1 million bail money, then she can stay in the state of Nebraska after surrendering her passport.

For now, both the children are in protective custody.

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