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Does the US is Trying To Gain Control Over China?

The US has continuously targeted China in recent months

It seems like the US is having an advantage in its ongoing dispute with China. China’s situation with the US is worsening at an alarming rate. Its most popular social media app, Tik Tok was a major target of the US government this year. The US was the first country to impose a ban on it. Likewise, many other countries restricted the app or put limits which further created a loss for China. Huawei, the Chinese telecom, the world’s biggest producer of 5G wireless telecommunications equipment, also suffered America’s brunt. America even claimed that China was collecting personal data of many people across the world and selling it for piles of money.

concept photo for China-USA trade war conflict
Will the US and China settle down on mutual consent? When will the situation improve?

Why China is calling out for peace with the US?

China is now making an effort to save its economy. It is trying its level best for reconciliation between the 2 nations. Trump has made Beijing a major target in the upcoming collections. At no cost, it can afford a war with America. This has further forced China to make peace with the US. According to sources, β€œthere seems to be a struggle within China between the nationalist hard-liners who want to punish the U.S. and the central government who realize that the economy needs U.S. businesses to operate in their country β€” or face decades of economic weakness.”

Thus, China is making sure to leave no stones unturned. Journalists are also instructed not to target Trump directly. America is somehow in a favorable situation. The tensions continue to escalate between them. China’s foreign minister, Xan Yi, has presented an Olive branch which stands for peace. The Chinese government finds itself in an extremely difficult situation. It cannot further lower its perishing economy. That is why it is willing to talk with America and resolve their issues.

Let us hope that the world’s two most powerful nations come to mutual consent.

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