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Dolly Parton Without Her Iconic Wig Latest Updates!

Dolly Parton
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Check Out Dolly Parton Without Her Iconic Wig!:Β It is no secret that Dolly Parton’s hair is the talk of the town! The 74-year-old singer is known for her over-the-top iconic wigs! She has dozens of wigs and continues to wear them!

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However, recently, Parton shared a picture of herself on Instagram, where she was not wearing a wig! It caused a lot of people to go crazy over this beautiful veteran singer!

Let us dive into the details of Dolly Parton and her iconic wigs!

Dolly Parton And Her Wigs!

Dolly Parton’s wigs are one of the important parts of her act, sometimes, more than her wigs! In an interview, the veteran singer revealed why she decided to wear a wig. She said:

“I used to try to keep my hair teased and as big as I liked it, and having the bleach and all that, it just broke off. I thought, why not just wear wigs? That way, I never have a bad hair day. I have a big hair day, but not a bad hair day.”

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Just as the saying goes, the bigger the hair, the closer you are to God; Dolly spoke how her hair is her persona. She said:

“Gospel singers and country singers just have to have that big hair, it’s just a thing.”

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Parton Without Her Wigs!

It’s officially difficult for us to recognise Dolly without her wigs! Even her fans feel it difficult to find a photo of her. However, we have a photo of her childhood which could give you an insight into Dolly’s life pre success.

15 y/o Dolly Parton
Source: Country Living Magazine

That’s right. This photo is of a 15-year-old Dolly before being famous. You can see that she had those amazing dimples. And, can we look at her hair! I know it is unrecognisable! But, Dolly surely looked cute in her adolescence!

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About Dolly

Check Out Dolly Parton Without Her Iconic Wig!
Check Out Dolly Parton Without Her Iconic Wig!

Dolly Parton is one of theΒ legendary country singers of her time. People listen to her music even now! Earlier, Parton was a songwriter but, after achieving success in that, she turned towards movies.

Even though Dolly is famous for her music and acting, she is a legend when it comes to wigs! Nobody can pull off wigs like Dolly Parton!

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