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Donald Trump Accuses Biden And Democrats Of Betraying Black And Latino Voters!

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: TV Line

Donald Trump Accuses Democrats Of Bringing Calamity

Donald Trump is back to business now after testing positive for coronavirus. He recently made a speech that was his first time after recovering from coronavirus. During the speech, he accused the Democrats of bringing chaos through their policies in places where they have been in power. He said:

β€œDemocrats have run nearly every inner-city in America – and I mean for 100 years – and their policies have delivered nothing but calamity, poverty, and trouble. Sleepy Joe Biden betrayed black and Latino voters.”

He has a lot to cover that he could not due to the virus.

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: India Today

Donald Trump Confident Of Beating Joe Biden In Upcoming Elections

Donald Trump is pretty confident that he will beat his rival, Joe Biden, in the upcoming elections that are supposed to take place on November 3. He said:

β€œI think we’re gonna swamp them by so much. We cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation. It really is more than a socialist. It’s not just socialist, it’s beyond socialism.”

Trump recently pulled out of the second presidential debate that was supposed to happen on 15 October after it was changed into a virtual discussion due to health reasons.

Donald Trump Thanks People For Their Support

Donald Trump got a lot of support from hardcore Republicans and the ones who like him as president. During the time he was in the hospital, people gathered outside the hospital to talk about their support for Trump. In his first speech in public post recovering, he thanked people for extending their love and support. He said:

β€œI’m feeling great. I want to thank all of you for your prayers… In that hospital, I was watching down on so many people.”

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: TV Line

Trump Confident About Beating The β€˜China Virus’

Donald Trump is very optimistic that the US will eventually triumph over the coronavirus pandemic which he feels China is responsible for. He said:

β€œOur nation is going to defeat this terrible China virus… and we’re producing powerful therapies and drugs.”

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