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Donald Trump And Joe Biden Are In A Tussle To Win Over Indian-Americans As They Become The Key To Presidency !

Trump and Biden
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Donald Trump And His Team Try To Woo Indian Americans

There is no doubting the fact that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is like a superstar among Indian-Americans. The last time he went to the US, he was welcomed by 50,000 for an event called β€˜Howdy Modi’. Now Donald Trump is trying to get the Indians on his team by showing his strong relationship with India. Kimberly Guilfoyle, national chair of Trump Victory Finance Committee released a video only to highlight this. She tweets, β€œAmerica enjoys a great relationship with India and our campaign enjoys great support from Indian-Americans!”

Donald Trump Attempts For Four More Years With Indian-American Support

The video released by Kimberly is from Trump’s 2020 visit to India where Modi had a spectacular event for Trump attended by more than 1 lakh people. The event was one of its kind thing and Trump was very impressed with what India had to offer. The video goes by the title of β€˜Four More Years’. Trump says, β€œAmerica loves India. America respects India. And America will always be a faithful and loyal friend to the Indian people. They are truly spectacular people.”

Democrats Have A Strong Tool Against Donald Trump’s Attempt To Woo Indian-Americans

Democrats look like they are already ahead of Trump in his attempt to win the trust of Indian-Americans. For Democrats, their biggest weapon is Kamala Harris. Kamala is this Vice-President candidate of Democrats. She is an American-Indian and is the first black, Asian woman to do so. This move has already impressed many people. This is Democrats’ way of showing their love for American-Indians as well as diversity. Moreover, there is no doubt she will win the votes of many American-Indians as there is a higher chance that she will work for them.

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Why Is Donald Trump Aiming For American-Indians

One might think what makes American-Indians special that Trump put out an exclusive video just for that. The truth is that American-Indians make up a significant proportion of the American population. Out of this, as much as 2.5 million can vote in this election. This is almost one percent of the total adult population of the US. Since the elections look really dicey this year, the Indian-Americans might become the deciding factor for a conclusive result.




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