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Donald Trump And Joe Biden Prepare For Their First Presidential Debate

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Source: The Sunday Guardian

Trump & Biden Prepare To Face Each Other In The First Debate

Donald Trump And Joe Biden Prepare For Their First Presidential Debate:Β Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, is switching from briefing books to complete preparatory days. President Donald Trump is learning notecards and receiving assistance from former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a long-time supporter.


For President Trump, the planning of the debate looks much different than it did in 2016. He held hours-long debate sessions led by former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with a group of campaign advisors.
He discarded with the traditionally structured rehearsals and structured sessions. He was leading up to his first debate with Joe Biden on Tuesday.Β  Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller and President Hope Hicks counsellor are feeding the president flash cards. The videos to plan for Tuesday night in between stops on Air Force One.

Preparation Begins For The Presidential Election

The early planning for Biden’s debate concentrated on reading briefing books and conducting smaller training sessions. He is doing it with policy advisors, individuals familiar with his planning said. He prefers having aids help him prepare him in rapid-fire questions form over full mock debates.

Ron Klain, Biden’s former chief of staff who also oversaw the presidential debate job of former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He is helping to manage Biden’s debate preparations ahead of Tuesday night, the sources said. Anita Dunn, Steve Ricchetti and Mike Donilon are other long-standing near Biden advisors who have been active in recent debate preparation sessions.

Trump, according to a source familiar with his plans for the debate, is researching Biden’s anticipated attacks. The emphasis of the methods is a set of notecards that the President is reviewing. The front lays out an expected assault by Biden while the back of the card includes bullets of what Trump has done on the issue. The source added that Christie, who played Clinton in Trump’s 2016 debate, is also assisting with Trump’s debate preparations.

The first debate will be 90 minutes and focus onΒ six topics: “The Trump and Biden Records,” “The Supreme Court,” “Covid-19,” “The Economy,” “Race and Violence in our Cities” and “The Integrity of the Election.” It will be moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

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