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Donald Trump Announced That He Is Immune From The Deadly COVID-19 Virus

Donald Trump Announced That He Is Immuned From The Deadly COVID-19 Virus
Source: Daily Mail

Donald Trump Announced That He Is Immune From The Deadly COVID-19 Virus: The doctor of US President Donald Trump told him that he was no longer infected from COVID-19. On Sunday, (October 11) Trump also announced that he was immune from the deadly virus. He further added that he was successful in beating this horrible COVID-19 virus.

Donald Trump Is All Set For his 2020 US Election Campaign Trail

β€œIt looks like I’m immune for, I don’t know, maybe a long time and maybe a short time, it could be a lifetime, nobody knows, but I’m immune,” said the US president. Trump mentioned that he was feeling excellent and fantastic. He added that the fact that immunity means something worked as a protective glow for him.

Trump appeared happy when he said, “I think it’s essential to have that, to have that is an essential thing I beat this crazy horrible China virus.” Now, he is all set to continue his election campaign trail.

He indirectly attacked his opponent Joe Biden. Donald Trump said that as America had an immune president again, it did not need somebody who used to hide away in the basement. Joe Biden has been cautious throughout the election in the wake of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has taken more than 210,000 lives in the US.

Trump Said That Joe Biden Could Himself Be Sick As He Saw Him Coughing Very Badly

In an interview, Trump said that Joe Biden could himself be sick. Donald Trump saw Joe Biden coughing badly and clinging his mask. He said that he wasn’t sure what it was, but the media isn’t making news on it.

On Saturday, the US President was seen in the White House, ten days after contracting the COVID-19 virus. He also addressed an event named “Peaceful Protest in Support of Law and Order” on the same day. The US President arrived there with a mask but preferred removing it during his speech.

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