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Donald Trump Can See A Red Wave For US Election 2020 !

Donald Trump
Source: Business Insider

Donald Trump Predicts A Red Wave For US Election 2020

Donald Trump looks very optimistic about this year’s elections even though he is behind Biden in polls. The same happened last year as well, but Trump went on to win the elections. A similar miracle is what the Democrats are afraid of. He said in a recent tweet that he is very much hopeful of a Red wave after people have already started voting in different places through mail-in voting. He said, β€œPolls numbers are looking solid. Big crowds, great enthusiasm. Massive RED WAVE coming!!!”

Donald Trump
Source: CNN

Donald Trump Organises Massive Rally In North Carolina

Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus a few weeks ago. Due to the same reason, his campaign had lost tempo as he was planning to have many rallies. However, things slowed, and he had to be in the hospital for treatment. However, as soon as he returned to the office, he went back to conducting rallies in full flow. Recently, he led a rally in North Carolina that saw a vast crowd. However, he was not bothered about social distancing measures as people were packed without wearing masks.

Donald Trump Talks About Red Wave In North Carolina

Donald Trump again asserted that he is expecting a massive victory in this year’s elections. He pointed out the term Red wave also to signify that he will be the clear cut winner for this year’s election. He said, β€œThis is a hell of a crowd for 1:30 in the afternoon. Our people want to go; they want to vote. It’s going to be a big, beautiful, red wave.” Many celebrities are coming out to support Biden this time as they are very much unhappy with how things are going under Trump.

Donald Trump
Source: Business Insider

Trump Closes In On Biden Ahead Of Elections

Donald Trump was losing very severely against Biden when the campaigns started. However, his rallies and movements have helped him in regaining some ground ahead of the elections. He has closed in on the gap but is still behind Biden.

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