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Donald Trump Drags Narendra Modi Into The US Election Battlefield As Indian-Americans Gain Importance !

Trump and Modi
Source: Bloomberg Quint

Donald Trump Drags India And Narendra Modi Into The Elections

Donald Trump is not leaving any small opportunity to swing the elections in his favour. Now he has dragged India and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi into the battlefield. He made strong claims that Modi was on his side for the battle of US Elections. Trump said, β€œWe have great support from India, we have great support from Prime Minister Modi, and I would think that the people, the Indian people would be voting for Trump.” These are big statements as there is no official record for this.

Donald Trump Feels Indian-Americans Will Vote For Him

Donald Trump is of the opinion that Indian-Americans will surely vote for him. His thought is based on the good relationship he shares with India and Prime Minister Modi. He answered if the Indian-Americans will vote for him to which he said, β€œI do. We had an event in Houston, as you know, and it was a fantastic event. I was invited by Prime Minister Modi; this was massive, this was where they play football, Houston football team. It was incredible. It was actually incredible. The prime minister could not have been more generous!”

Donald Trump Showers Praise On Narendra Modi

Donald Trump reflected on his visit to India in February, where Trump went for the event β€˜Namaste Trump’. The stadium was filled with lakhs of people. Trump’s visit was celebrated as a festival, and he was very impressed. In his latest interview, he showered praise on Modi. Moreover, he said, β€œWhat we saw (during the February India visit), the people are so incredible. It is really an incredible place and an incredible country. And it is definitely big; it is definitely big. But you have got a great leader, and he is a great person.”

Modi and Trump
Source: South China Morning Post

Why Is Donald Trump Trying To Win Over Indian-Americans

Donald Trump is trying hard to get the votes of Indian-Americans. However, there is a strong reason for this. There are many territories where it is still dicey as to who will win. In all such places, there is a strong buzz that the Indian-Americans will decide the result as they take up a significant chunk of the voting population.




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