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Donald Trump Goes Violent Against Joe Biden With Trip To New Hampshire

Donald Trump Goes Violent Against Joe Biden With Trip To New Hampshire
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Only nine days are left until the US elections. The Republican President is leaving no stone unturned to make up ground against Joe Biden. In the opinion polls, we have seen that there is a close race between the two in the New Hampshire area. This is one of the reasons why President Donald Trump will go offensive in his campaign in this region.

It looks like he wants to reclaim the New Hampshire this time which he couldn’t do in the 2016 elections. In this election, Trump lost by about 3,000 votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton. Right now, most of the polls show that Biden is having the edge over Trump in this New England state.

How Is Voting By Far?

Due to the pandemic, a wave of early voting has gone through the US. People are voting in person or by mail according to their comfort. Reports show that more than 56.5 million Americans have already voted.

It is expected that there will be the highest voter turnout this year in the US. These conditions have left Trump with significantly less time to change the minds of people. He might have to pull off 4-5 rallies a day in this final time.

Donald Trump Final Preparations:

In his rallies in the North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin, Trump promised to end the COVID-19 very soon. He also made a statement that Biden would be taking away their jobs as he will keep apply restrictions there. β€œWe have ten days, and nothing worries me,” Trump stated Ohio opinion polls. Trump will be having a rally in Manchester.

What Is Biden Doing?

Bidden’s public schedule was free on Sunday though he had his church trips. On Saturday, Biden had two stops in Pennsylvania.

There, he thrashed the President for not taking the health of the US citizens seriously. He also warned that the virus might resurface again during the winter if such poor healthcare conditions persist.

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