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Donald Trump in Trouble After Train Looks Close to Full Derailment.

Donald Trump faces a lot of trouble in his day to day life. One being his train jumping off from the track. In the last seven days, the train in which he travels was likely to be fully derailed.

The studies and the conspiracy theoriesΒ and controversies have come up in a way that trump can’t keep this up until another eight weeks.Β A lot I have been going in now President Donald Trump life, mostly it is due to the elections. However, Democratic challenger Joe Biden begins to travel and to offer an alternative vision of sober presidential-style leadership.

Donald Trump in trouble.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump is continuously being in controversy for doing or saying something or the other for the elections. Even the President of the White house thought that he went too far for asking the people of North Carolina to vote him twice. However, the recent polls conducted to check who has more supporters Joe or Trump, Trump seemed to lose all the polls.

Trump also visitedΒ other cities likeΒ Kenosha, Carolina and New York. Kenosha was the latest US city that he visited. After his visit, there was already a racial tension due to the recent tragedy, when a black man protesting against black lives matter was murdered by the police. Trump didn’t bring any kind of reconciliationΒ for the event.

Trump is focusing on doing well-fare for society more than ever, to win the presidential race. However, people don’t see him doing anything about the crisis that’s affecting the American citizens the most. May it is black lives matter or the worst crisis COVID-19 pandemic. Already over 1 lakh, Americans have died, and it is claimed that by the end of this year, over 4 lakh people may die if no major step is taken. And by the start of 2021 almost 6 lakh American may die.

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