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Donald Trump Is A MAN OF VIOLENCE As He Supports Rittenhouse For Killing Two Protesters !

Donald Trump
Source: New Indian Express

The Shooting By Kyle Rittenhouse

Donald Trump: The US is going through a dark period as people are protesting and giving up their lives fighting against racial discrimination and injustice in America. Now a fresh incident has come up that has baffled people and added fuel to the already enraged protests. A seventeen-year-old boy Kyle Rittenhouse started firing shots at a Black Lives Matter protest. The shooting led to the death of two people- Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 36. The situation has led to intense political debate and it is going one step up with the elections getting closer.

Donald Trump
Source: Sky News

Donald Trump Supports Kyle Rittenhouse In The Name Of Self Defense

Donald Trump was cautious with his words as he gave a very controversial answer to the incident for which the clippings are available. Kyle Rittenhouse is now charged with first-degree murder but his lawyers believe his act was a result of self-defense. Donald Trump also gave a similar answer and defended Kyle Rittenhouse. He said, β€œWe’re looking at all of that. That was an interesting situation, you saw the same tape as I saw, and he was trying to get away from them, I guess, it looks like.”

Donald Trump Defends Kyle Rittenhouse As He Feels The Boy Was Under Attack

Donald Trump is walking a thin line where he has almost defended a person who has killed 2 people. This may become a matter of heated debate. Moreover, Trump feels that the guy did what he did because people were after him and he would have lost his life if not for his shooting. Trump said, β€œAnd he fell, and then they very violently attacked him. And it was something that we’re looking at right now, and it’s under investigation. I guess he was in very big trouble, he probably would have been killed.”

Donald Trump Faces The Wrath Of People Amid Shooting On Jacob Blake

The police shot a black man Jacob Blake in front of his kids which has agitated people for a fresh wave of protest. However, Trump is backing the police instead of the people. This kind of opinion may cost him the US elections 2020.

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