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Donald Trump Mocks Joe Biden For Wearing Big Masks…AGAIN !

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: Deadline

Joe Biden Calls Out Trump For Discouraging Masks And Calls Him A Fool

Donald Trump and Joe Biden took the stage for the first presidential debate and to call it ugly would be an understatement. Many things were debated, but one thing that was discussed for a small-time was masks in the times of pandemic. Biden has always supported wearing masks while Trump has discouraged it. He is never seen wearing one and mocks Biden for it. Biden called it out during the debate and said:

β€œHe’s been totally irresponsible the way he’s handled social distancing and discouraging people to wear masks. He’s been a fool.”

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: Deadline

Donald Trump Doesn’t Like To Wear Masks After Firing From Joe Biden

Donald Trump has acted irresponsibly and carelessly during the pandemic. All the world leaders are setting up examples by wearing masks and practising social distancing. Even Biden has resorted to virtual rallies to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the president of the US openly discourages them from wearing masks. Moreover, he even conducts demonstrations where people come and gather in large numbers. There is no social distancing, and only a few people wear the mask. During the debate, Trump said:

β€œI don’t wear masks like him.”

Trump Mocks Joe Biden For Wearing Masks

Donald Trump does not understand the importance of masks, but Biden stresses it and wears it religiously. Trump mocked Biden for wearing masks even when people are not around him. He said:

β€œEvery time you see him, he’s got a mask. He could be speaking 200 feet away from it, he shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen.”

Trump is leading the US to disaster with people still not getting the idea of the danger of viruses and the importance of masks.

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: WOSU Radio – WOSU Public Media

Unlike Trump, Biden Asserts Masks Make A Difference

Joe Biden stuck to the point that masks are essential and the casual attitude from Trump is not acceptable. He said:

β€œMasks make a big difference. His own head of the CDC said if we just wore masks…we’d probably save up to 100,000 lives. It matters.”

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