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Donald Trump Offers To Help In Talks Between India And China Border Standoff…AGAIN !

Source: News 18

The India-China Border Standoff Doesn’t Seem To Cool Down.

For quite some time, India and China are not in good terms due to the dispute regarding LAC. Chinese troops were entering the Indian territory, and this was against their agreed terms. Moreover, Chinese troops refused from going back, which created tensions. However, this happened many months ago. Things were starting to cool down when China started to poke again, and the relations are again going haywire due to this. India and China are under constant dialogue with the Defense Ministers of both countries negotiating with each other.

Donald Trump Offers To Help India And China In Their Dispute

Donald Trump, in a recent press interaction, stated that he would love to help the two countries in their dispute if such a need arises. He felt what was happening in the border was nasty. Moreover, Trump shares a good relation with India while it is always in dispute with China. He said, “While we’re at it, we’re talking about China and India, (they) are going at it pretty good on the border, as you know. It has been very nasty. And we stand ready to help, with respect to China and India”.

Donald Trump Already Talking To Both Countries For Help

Donald Trump has already got into work to offer his help to both India and China. This remains a bit unusual as he already has a bad relationship with China. Trump has been after China and has blamed the country for the pandemic. While talking about the LAC standoff, he said, “If we can do anything, we would love to get involved and help. And we are talking to both countries about that.” If any mediation from Trump happens, which is unlikely, it would swing in India’s favour.

Source: New Indian Express

Donald Trump’s Support Is Not For The First Time

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has offered to mediate between India and China. The first time he did so was when the whole dispute started. At that time, both India and China decided to refuse his offer as they wanted to solve the matter through bilateral talks.

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