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Donald Trump Plans To Leave America In Case Biden Wins!

Donald Trump
Source: ABC

Donald Trump Might Leave America If Biden Wins

Donald Trump made some explosive comments when he went for another rally packed with people. He is so confident of winning the elections that he revealed his plans to leave the country if he loses the election to Biden. He said, β€œCould you imagine if I lose?. I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country; I don’t know.” Donald Trump is already behind in polls of many news channels.

Donald Trump
Source: ABC

Donald Trump Claims He Is Not Raising More MoneyΒ Β 

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been in another battle all together ahead of the elections. The two nominees are receiving funds from people for election campaigns. Moreover, more funds mean more support from people. With that idea in mind, Joe Biden is far ahead of Donald Trump as Trump raised $247 million last month, far short of the record $383 million raised by Biden’s campaign.

Donald Trump Feels He Is Only Behind Abraham Lincoln

Trump feels his four years as president has been nothing but superb. He feels he will be one of the best Presidents that America has ever seen until now. However, he was at least modest enough to place himself below Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is often regarded as the most significant American president for the way he handled the affairs in America amid civil war and abolished slavery. Trump said, β€œI used to go, and I’d imitate a president who’s playing presidential β€” it’s so easy compared to what we do. I said, β€˜I can be more presidential than any president in our history with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln when he wore the hat. That’s tough to beat.’”

Donald Trump
Source: Business Insider

Joe Biden Beats Trump In Television Ratings

Another war that Biden and Trump are indulged in is the TV ratings. Both of them are giving non-stop interviews as a part of their campaign. Biden has consistently beaten Trump in all TV rating for his interviews.

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