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Donald Trump Supports And Offers His “Total And Complete Endorsement” Of Governor Jim Justice In The 2020!


COVID-19 Pandemic In America

As everyone knows the world is under lockdown. It is due to the ongoing issues of coronavirus pandemic which is increasing day by day very rapidly. In this context, Donald Trump is supporting and offering his “Total and Complete Endorsement” of Governor Jim Justice. His support is in the 2020 Republican primary election for Governor.

Jim Justice is the governor of West Virginia, who is a great fighter for his people. Jim felt happy to work with his friend Donald Trump, which helped him to improve in his state. In West Virginia, Jim could improve in his economy, able to create more jobs and can solve drug issues. Trump tweeted that Big Jim is strong in life, the second Amendment, and building the wall. He means that, people like Jim are helpful to America to get back in its position.

Coronavirus In America

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Because of the outbreak, everything is stopped like Industries, Factories, and many more. In America, the coronavirus cases were increasing very rapidly and deaths are large in number than China. Since everyone is staying home, the economy was very low. Also, Many countries financial status is so bad. Trump always says that America is with a developed economy.

Total And Complete Endorsement

After comparing the COVID cases and doctors available in America is always unsatisfactory. It only 2.6 people per 1000 people. But, being in this critical situation, Trump is supporting to open small businesses and industries in some states. Trump says that Jim Justice has his complete and total endorsement for the recovery of West Virginia.

Jim also works with President Trump to protect their state and to get back their business. Taking this as a way, some states are reopening their business to get their economy. Like Barbershops, gyms and many more decided to open. Some people agree to this and some are not.

But, Mary Clair, the resident of Georgie is supporting for reopening of Gyms. She feels like it is the best way to be healthy and improve their immune system. Also, people were thinking that gyms are helping to fight against coronavirus.



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