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Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden: Who Will Win 2020 Presidential Elections?

Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden: Who Will Win 2020 Presidential Elections?: There are just seven days until the elections and millions of people have already hit the ballot and registered their votes for their favouring candidate either Joe Biden or Donald Trump. According to NBC’s data, almost 12 million voters have increased since 2012. What do you think about it?

Trump vs Biden

If elections are not the most important thing of the year and I don’t know what is. Every year influencers and celebrities try their best to influence us to be careful participate in the elections and vote no matter what. And it looks like this time people are pretty more excited than ever.


According to the official data, the number of early voters in America is it hit 90-100 million before 3 November. It is claimed that almost 70 million people have already cast their votes. And the number of early voters have been more than ever this time.

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In 2016 the number of total voters was just 50 million, which is nearly half than this year. The American officials say that it is mainly because many facilities in voting have been introduced from which one being voting via mail option.

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Meanwhile, the presidential candidate is busy influencing people to cast a vote in their favour. However, many polls and surveys have been recorded with the majority in favour of Biden and Harris. However, Trump supporters are neither the less.


According to the reports, on an average of all the pieces, 59% of the Americans are in supports of the Democratic party. They are supporting Joe Biden. Many celebrities have come up in Biden and Harris support as well. What do you think about it?

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