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Donald Trump: What is the Mystery Behind Donald Trump Sudden and Suspicious Visit to a Hospital?

According to the reports, it is discovered that The USA president Donald Trump paid an unexpected visit to a hospital in August 2019. As soon as this news came out, people were shaken and concerned about his health. It was recorded that he paid for this visit without any announcement.

Vice President Mike Pence was reportedly handling all the presidential duties for that day. It came to people’s shock because Β President Donald Trump made a surprising visit without anyone knowing to the Walter Reed Medical Heart in Bethesda, Maryland.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The truth about his visit was unannouncedΒ and henceΒ raised questions in regards to the president’s health. Now this news is getting viral now because due to the time of elections. People are doubting Trump well being and his capabilities to serve America in the future. However, Trump seems to ignore all this news and doesn’t pay attention to it.

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Donald Trump: The unexpected visit.

However, Trump’s doctor Dr. Sean Conley,Β says it was a normal routine visit that Trump attended. Β The doctor even shared his memo in which he wrote about Trump’s visit. He says it was a normal checkup as a routine. To that, Trump responds the same on twitter, saying it was a casual routine checkup for him. Trump says he couldn’t announce his visit to the hospital because of ‘scheduled uncertainties.’ However, his reason doesn’t seem valid to many.

Trump’s unexpected visit leads to a lot of assumptions. Since it was very unclear about why exactly Trump paid a visit to a doctor in Maryland without announcing. On top of that, he gave his presidential powers to the Vice President for one entire day. People are very skeptical about the whole scenario, especially since it is election time. What do you think could be the reason for his visit?

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