Donald Trump’s Aim Behind the US Iran Nuclear Pact. Check It Out Now! Trump Renews the soon to get expired pact with Iran.
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Donald Trump’s Aim Behind The US Iran Nuclear Pact. Check It Out Now!

Donald Trump’s Aim Behind The US Iran Nuclear Pact. Check It Out Now!: Just when people thought Trump could not be any messier, well he did. The United States President Donald Trump, who recently became the peacemaker of the Mid East. He now claimed to put sanctions against anyone who violates arms against Iran.

Renewal Of The Iran Pact

In a recent interview, Trump claimed to put sanctions against any country that destroys or violates the armed forces against Iran. Trump is talking about these decisions to be the peacemaker of Mid East and to get favour during elections.

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The sources spoke to Reuters News Agency that the order was to be issued by Trump in the coming days. It was to punish violators with the secondary sanctions. Also, it mentioned that any country that violates would get deprived yo use the US market.


The White House or the US President didn’t respond to anything related to the implications. The order was a renewal to the last sanction that was to be expired next month.


The fact was last signed in 2015 that focuses on the nuclear deal of Iran with six significant countries. The UK, China, France, Germany, Russia and the USA. The pact was to get expired on 15 October 2020. For which the US President Donald Trump renewed the contract, including the fact that he has been trying everything to get reelected this year.

What Do Other Parties Think About It?

Other parties have said that the US, doesn’t have the right to reimpose sections of other countries including Iran. However, no confirmed details have come out yet. President Trump also chooses to stay silent on the situation for now. What do you think about it?

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