I am back with a fantastic discussion and to review the new game -DOOM ETERNAL, so without wasting any time, let us start our journey.


There has been no fixed date given for the release of this video game it is just mentioned that it will Release in 2020 itself, so all we can do is only to wit for this upcoming doom, because never forget my friends, patients bear sweeter fruits than the normal.


So, about this game is an upcoming first-person shooter videogame, moving in depth, it is the fifth main title in the doom series and direct sequel to 2016 DOOM. Now coming on how to play this game, so first of all, the player will take on the role of DOOM SLAYER,

An ancient warrior who battles the demonic forces of hell, from the perspective of the first person, it emphasis more on the ” pushforward” combat, encouraging the player to engage enemies to acquire health aggressively, and armour. Here the exciting thing is that the player has access to various fire farms, like the combat shotgun, plasma rifle, BFG 9000, and ballista. The arm blade provides an opportunity for a larger variety of quick and violent “glory kill” executions.

Special Features

The game has its special features about multiplayer modes, which includes the battle mode, in these types of games,

Two player-controlled demons take on fully loaded slayer, there will be five playable demons at launch, and they are the Marauder, Mancubus, pain elemental, revenant, and Arch vile. In addition to regular attacks, each demon has a ” summoning wheel”.there are also chances for the launch of the other mode, known as the “Invasion Mode”,

In this mode, players will be able to join other’s single-player campaigns, fighting against them as demons, and it is very flexible too as this mode can be turned off according to the wish of the players if they want to play solo.

And also about the HUB AREA, which is known as the “fortress of doom”, in which players can visit between their missions, containing several rooms with upgrades and gear locked behind.

So in the end, this is a shooting game, so all their shooters make your ” come back” to these exciting missions of games, with a healthy body and a bright future with one goal and that is entertainment!


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