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Get Free, 2.8 Million High Quality Images From The Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution

Get Free, 2.8 Million High-Quality Images From The Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution is a long-standing museum and research center managed by the US Government. It recently released 2.8 million images into the public domain.

It is announced by Smithsonian Magazine on Tuesday. The images are of high quality which is available to us for free.

Found on August 10, 1846, Smithsonian Institution is also known as Smithsonian. The main agenda of them was to increase the diffusion of knowledge.

It is one of the largest museum and research center with 9 research centers and 19 museums.

Smithsonian Institution

For the first-ever time, it has invited the whole world to get engaged with its resources. It is time for rejoicing. It has developed never-ending useful resources on the internet.

To download free have charged, in its 174 years of history, it released high quality two and three-dimensional images from its collection.

This is encouraging people to use, reuse the pictures and create or transform into anything be it a postcard or a pair of shorts. This dumping of data on the online platform has just started.

It is been found out that for the rest of the year Smithsonian will be dumping 200,000 or more images on to the online platform. This is not the end, the institution has 155 million items and more.

It is so interesting that we can use any picture anywhere without tagging the institution making it ours.


The institution main aim behind this action was, that they are the relevant source for the learning people around the people. Their goal is to make the institution a better place of learning.

Senior Digital program officer, Effie Kapsalis reports that they are ready for the surprise. Billions and Millions of creative minds are ready to work upon it. And no one knows what is going to come up.

Many museums have also tried to digitalize their masterworks. The museums are Amsterdam’s museum, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and many more.

However, the Smithsonian digitalization is unmatched to any work. The images released by the institution include historical photographs, pictures of sculptures, scans of paintings, and even 3D models.

We all don’t know what are we going to receive until the end of the year. There is a lot more to come.

Let us watch how the institution will surprise us.

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