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Dr Fauci BACKS Donald Trump! Doesn’t Feel Trump Downplayed Coronavirus!

Dr. Fauci Donald Trump
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Donald Trump Receives Backlash For Downplaying Coronavirus

Dr Fauci BACKS Donald Trump! Doesn’t Feel Trump Downplayed Coronavirus!: Recently, the audio conversation between Bob Woodward and Donald Trump was released by CNNΒ  and published by the Washington Post. In the recording, Trump reveals about downplaying the virus to keep people away from panic.

Ever since the outbreak of the virus in the US, Trump has tried to act casual and has asserted that the virus will disappear one day.Β  This laid back attitude has also similarly shaped people’s minds.

However, the recent recordings reveal he was fooling the people, and the tapes are now acting against him. With the elections nearing, will this damage the chances of Trump back to the Oval office?

Dr. Fauci Donald Trump
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Dr Fauci Defends Donald Trump

Dr Fauci is the face of the government at the moment for coronavirus. He is the advisor to Trump, who is guiding Trump regarding the virus. He said:

β€œI mean in my discussions with him, they were always straightforward about the concerns that we had. We related that to him. And when he would go out, I’d hear him discussing the same sort of things.”

He defended Donald Trump based on his conversation with Trump.

Dr Fauci Does Not Find Any Discrepancy In Donald Trump’s Words

Dr Fauci believes whatever he discussed with Trump was said to the public in press conferences without any filtering. With this, he tried to assert that Trump has always underlined the seriousness of situation contrary to told him. He said:

β€œWhen we would get up in front of the press conferences, which were very, very common after our discussions with the president, he really didn’t say anything different than we discussed when we were with him. I didn’t see any discrepancies between what he told us and what we told him, and what he came out publicly and said.”

Donald Trump
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Dr Fauci Denies Criticizing Donald Trump

The audio recording form the basis of Woodward’s latest book Rage. In the book, Woodward claims that Dr Fauci does not like Trump and feels his leadership is rudderless. However, Fauci denied these claims and said:

β€œIf you notice, it was [reported that] others have said [I said] that. So, you know, you should ask others. I don’t recall that at all.”

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