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Dr Fauci Says COVID Might Be A Chronic Illness! Read On To Know!

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Dr Fauci Says COVID Might Be A Chronic Illness! Read On To Know!: As of now, half of the USA is under the influence of the Coronavirus pandemic. We have lost many people via the illness, but, the pandemic doesn’t seem to stop.

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However, Dr Anthony Fauci, in a recent interview with Mark Zuckerberg, said that it might take a while to figure out if this leads to a chronic illness, or not.

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A Chronic Illness For The Youth

Most young people that are affected by the virus are not seriously ill. However, despite not being in a severe condition, the youth is catching the virus steadily. Nonetheless, Dr Fauci said that it would take lots of time, perhaps a year to know whether it is a chronic illness or not.
Dr Fauci
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During Dr Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg’s conversation, Dr said:
“It’s the people who get knocked out, particularly those who require hospitalization, that it’s going to take months to a year or more to determine if there are any long-lasting, deleterious consequences of the infection. We just don’t know that now. We haven’t had enough time.”

A Surge In The Cases

Recently, cases in the USA have gone up like a wildfire. People in their 20s, 30s and 40s represent half the cases of the pandemic in areas such as Arizona and Texas, while people aged 18-24 represent more than third of cases in California and Florida.

Moreover, with the advent of the influenza season in October, the doctors in the US are worried about their Healthline officers during the flu season.

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Moreover, Fauci said:

“If you look at what’s going with the new infections, the median age is about a decade and a half younger than it was a few months ago. This could have dangerous effects on transmission.”

Post Infection Syndrome

Transparently, Dr Fauci says that some people might have post-infection syndromes. This post-infection syndrome comes after the patients are cured of it.
This includes chronic fatigue syndrome, which is often characterized by cognitive impairment, muscle pain, and a debilitating lack of energy. In June, the UK doctors also talked about the post-infection syndromes.
Moreover, Dr Fauci said:
“I have never seen an infection with this broad range of manifestations. Some young people can be knocked on their back and brought to their knees pretty quickly.”




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