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Dr. Fauci Weighs In On Mail-In Voting As He Looks Confident For A Vaccine By 2020 End !

Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump
Source: Boston Globe

US Elections In The Times Of Coronavirus

The world’s biggest force, United States will have its elections on 3 November 2020 and things don’t look good. Many people are skeptical about going to the polling booths due to coronavirus. The US is already having the maximum number of cases. There is a big fear that people might not turn out. Fauci to vote and this may not reflect a result that shows the mindset of Americans. Moreover, Donald Trump is pushing for this idea which makes Democrats think that people Trump may manipulate the results. Coronavirus threatens to play the spoilsport in this year’s US elections.

Dr. Fauci Gives His Take On Mail-In Voting

Dr. Fauci revealed that he would personally want to go to the polling booth and vote. However, he would want all the precautions in place for that. Dr. Fauci however feels that people who are skeptical about this should be given the alternative option of Mail-In voting. He said, β€œI likely will vote in person. But only under the circumstances that I see in grocery stores, what I see at Starbucks β€” six or more feet apart and don’t move until the person ahead of you does. I believe that the polling stations are going to do that, but I absolutely understand people who have a concern about that and they should be able to vote by mail.”

Dr. Fauci Is Confident Of A Vaccine By Early 2021

Dr. Fauci is very confident that the US will come out with an effective vaccine by early 2021. Trump earlier said that a vaccine before elections look possible. However, there is no way that the statement will come true. Even a vaccine by early 2021 looks like a very positive thing. Dr. Fauci said, β€œI cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year and as we go into 2021. I don’t think it’s dreaming … I believe it’s a reality (and) will be shown to be reality.”

Dr. Fauci
Source: The Guardian

The Struggle Of Americans Against Coronavirus

President Donald Trump has received enough criticism for his handling of the virus. Moreover, people are also very casual about the virus in the US. This is why the US has recorded around 5.71 million cases with 170k+ deaths due to the virus.

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