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Dram-King Pit Bull Wins Heart; Hilarious Dramatic Acting ‘Faints’ to Avoid Nail Clipping

Better faint then get nails clipped

Dram-King Pit Bull Wins Heart; Hilarious Dramatic Acting ‘Faints’ to Avoid Nail Clipping: The Oscar for the best acting award goes to this Pit Bulldog, for pulling off such a demanding performance. The drama-king dramatic acting of fainting, prevent nails from getting clipped.

Pit Bull: Wins Heart Over With His Performance

The drama king Pitbull becomes the favourite actor of millions of people. When the video of the Pitbull went viral people couldn’t help but say “Awww”. In the video, you can see a dog pretended to faint when his owner tried to trim his nails. Besides, he has pulled in a lot of praising for his ‘performance.’

The award of drama-king goes to this dog

The viral video shared on Twitter by @Rashona showed the hilarious Pitbull pulling of this dramatic performance. Falling on his back with four legs stretched up in the air, to avoid having his nails cut.

Hilarious performance by the pit bull

The video was captioned, “The Academy Award for best dramatic performance goes to…”. So far, it has gathered 6 million views. Also, it shows how the Pitbull first ignored his owner when she brought out the nail clippers and then at the end, and he makes sure to have a last ‘side-glance’ to observe the situation.

FYI: the video was removed due to the report of the copyright owner.

To watch the video. Click here!

Praises To The Viral Video Of The PitBull

Dram-King Pit Bull Wins Heart

Twitter feel in love with the dog and his hilarious performance. Some even commented: “This needs to be GIF” and “That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time..thanks for sharing.”

Some even tweeted the video of their dog hilarious reaction to getting their nail clipped.

Guess, the award of good boy and tantrum king goes to this Pitbull.

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