Dreams ( Video Game) Review Score ! Best Game Ever! Everything About The Game ! Plot and Development

Dreams for PlayStation 4 Reviews

Dreams for PlayStation 4 Reviews

Do you Dream? It is a vast topic to discuss. Dreams are a combination of emotions, fears, ideas, images, and a lot more. But what if I say that a new game for your goals is coming up. Isn’t it something amazing to know about?

Have you ever dreamt of falling from a building and suddenly you wake up with no idea where you are? I have.

Dreams ( Video Game) By Media Molecule

Media Molecule has developed a game creation system called Dreams for us. Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes it for the Play Station 4.

A British video game developer, Media Molecules Ltd. is based in Guildford, Surrey. It was found by Mark Healey, Alex Evans, David Smith, and Kareem Ettouney on 4th January 2006.

Everything About The Game

Dreams ( Video Game) Review Score

The creators of Little Big Planet has created a new game universe “dreams”. This video game allows you to discover your creativity.

Isn’t it exciting to know that you can bring your dreams the creativity to reality? The game comprises of easy to use tools with which you can bring your ideas to life with innovation and share it with a global community.

It is a platform where anything is possible. You can create your games, music, paintings, movies, sculptures, animation or anything in between in this playground. It allows you to get inspired and creates your stuff.

The game Involves Dream shaping, which includes giving structure to your idea. It also involves Dream Surfing, where one can go through other approaches and rate them.Β  It embraces your full strength.

Plot and Development

The story of the game mode in dreams is titled Art’s Dream. It takes almost 2 to 3 hours to complete the game. It is an adventurous game developed.

When it comes to the development part, it is similar to Little Big Planet, which mainly focuses on “play, creates, shares”.

In 2013, Dreams revealed in the Play Station meeting, where Evan showed a technical demonstration of the game. The teaser for the game released in July 2014.

It has created a door for the people who always wanted to develop their ideas. I am enjoying it, thinking about anything and organising everything.

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